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Back in full force

I look back on the past 11 months since I last posted and wow has it been busy! In this past year, I designed and managed our full home renovation, had my first child, and continued to oversee the installation of three ongoing projects in Venice, Hancock Park and Pacific Palisades. Now that my baby is four months old and our house in unpacked and cozy, I have accepted two new projects and continue to oversee existing ones.

As I get back in blogging mode, I will open this series of posts with photos of Echo Park Lake (appropriate since my last post talked about the grand re-opening of this new and improved downtown LA urban oasis). I encourage anyone and everyone to go check it out now – the iconic and absolutely magnificent lotus are in full bloom and it is quite the site to see.

Future posts will include before and after photos of our 1936 home and garden renovation, current project updates, info on new work and more – so stay tuned!

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